May 9-10, 2019 | Saskatoon, SK

About the Conference

The SPOR PIHCI Health System Integration Summit was the first national conference of its kind in Canada. Throughout the conference, participants learned about the status of health system integration in primary health care across the country, the successes so far and the challenges that need to be addressed in the coming years.

Issues addressed:

  • How can we create meaningful involvement of patients in the design and evaluation of systems?
  • How do we ensure primary care physicians are full partners in integrated care?
  • How are social determinants of health addressed in practice in an integrated system – social services, transportation, education, housing & homelessness?
  • How do we address the needs of Indigenous people inside an integrated health system? What are our obligations under Truth and Reconciliation?
  • How can technology be used to overcome issues such as remoteness, language and culture?
  • How do we make the bridge to academia, ensuring that decisions are based on the best evidence available?

Day 1

Integrating Patient Engagement

Candace Skrapek & Michelle Flowers

Integrating Patient Engagement

Dr. Virginia Vandall-Walker & Neil Durrant

Keynote Speaker

Dr. Tom Noseworthy

Integrating Health Providers

Dr. Rashaad Hansia & Marjorie Ingjaldson

Evening Presentation

Dr. Rick Glazier

Day 2

Integrating Technology

Dr. Mark Koltek

Integrating Technology

Dr. Davin Church


Dr. Tara Sampalli