SPOR PIHCI supports many different types of research projects with topics that range from improving the way we care for people with complex illnesses; increasing the quality and accessibility of primary care across the province; and increasing the level of integration across the healthcare system.

Current Research Projects

A Comparative Analysis of Centralized Waiting Lists for Patients without a Primary Care Provider Implemented in Six Canadian Provinces

Breton, M (NPI); Green, M; Krindler, S; Sutherland, J; Jabilou, J; Wong, S; Crooks, V; Shaw, J; Brous- selle, A; Contandriopoulos, D.

Policies and program innovations that connect primary health care, social services, public health, and community supports in Canada: A comparative policy analysis

Haggerty, JL (NPI); Quesnel-Vallée, A; Currie, L; Scott, CM; Stewart, T; Doucet, S; Dawe, R; Montelpare, WJ; Urquhart, RL; Berg, SM; Junker, AK; Roy, DA; Hébert, R; Tschupruk, C; Couturier, Y; Chan, KJ; Edwards, JM; Stoddard, RE; Mann, J; O’Beirne, M; Barrett, M; Schuckel, VM; Barrett, M; Jones, A; Jones, KL; Anderson, K; Aubrey-Bassler, K; Azar, R; Breton, M; Charlton, PC; Delli-Colli, N; Gaboury, I; Gagnon, D; Hyndman, NE; Lane, J; Law, SK; Maillet, L; Metge, CJ; Morin, P; Newall, NE; Oelke, N; Sutherland, JM

Evaluation of geriatrician-led models of care: A systematic review and network meta-analysis

Straus, S (NPI); Holroyd-Leduc, J; Basran, J; Liu, B; Tricco, A; Soobiah, C; Moore, A; Marr, S; Brathwaite, H; Watt, J; Manley, G; Ringer, L; Hamid, J; Colquhoun, H; Armson, H; Teare, S; Robertson, D; Goodridge, D; PausJenssen, E

Creation of a Comprehensive Health Profile of Children in New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island and Development of Intra-Provincial Population-Based Birth Cohorts

Tranchant, C (NPI); Montelpare,WJ; Bélanger, M; Blinco, K; Clair, S; Dalpé, L; Miedema, B; Bouchard, D; Senechal, M; Barre, DE; Jose, C; Hyndman, N; Rossiter, MD.

Dimensions of quality for mobile applications in chronic disease management

Shaw, J (NPI); Brown, E; Fremont, P; Hofer, S; Agarwal, P; Borycki, E; Kushniruk, A; Witteman, H; Bhatia, R; Clark, B; Grif th, J; Jamieson, T; Lamothe, L; Springhall, E

A National Surveillance Project on CKD Management in the Canadian Primary Care: Overview and representativeness

Bello, AK (NPI); Ronksley, PE; Tangri, N; Singer, A; Grill, A; Nitsch, D; Queenan, JA; Lindeman, C; Soos, L; Freiheit, E; Mangin, D; Drummond, D.

Identifying and Understanding the Health and Social Care Needs of Older Adults with Multiple Chronic Conditions and their Caregivers: A Scoping Review

McGilton, K (NPI); Puts, M; Commisso, E; Ayala, AP; Andrew, M; Bergman, H; Beaudet, L; Dubé, V; Hale, L; Keatings, M; Marshall, E; McElhaney, J; Morgan, D; Parrot, E; Ploeg, J ; Sampalli, T; Stephens, D; Vedel, I; Walker, J; Wodchis, W.

Case management in primary care among frequent users of health care services with chronic conditions: protocol of a realist synthesis

Hudon, C (NPI); Chouinard, M-C; Aubrey-Bassler, K; Muhajarine, N; Burge, F; Pluye, P; Bush, PL; Ramsden, VR; Légaré, F; Guénette, L; Morin, P; Lambert, M; Groulx, A; Couture, M; Campbell, C; Bak- er, M; Edwards, L; Sabourin, V; Spence, C; Gauthier, G; Warren, M; Godbout, J; Davis, B; Rabbitskin, N.

Quick-Strike – 2016

Funded by Saskatchewan Health Research Foundation.

Ramsden VR; Crowe-Weisberger J; Loignon C; Dupéré S; Fortin M; Dahrouge S

Completed Research Projects

Hotspotting mental health and addictions: Putting the Canadian Institutes of Health Research Strategy for Patient Oriented Research into action

Quail, J (NPI); Schaefer, J; Neudorf, C; Anderson, M; McLeod, V; Lafontaine, T; Pelly, J; Pruden Nansel, K; Baetz, M; Baker, M; Teare, G; Muhajarine, N.

Children with complex health conditions: Let’s learn who they are and their needs to better serve them!

Doucet, S (NPI); Azar, R; Montelpare, W; Charlton, P; Hyndman, N; Luke, A; Stoddard, R; Nagel, D.

Characterizing high system use across the primary-tertiary care continuum: parallel analyses of select Canadian health datasets

Williamson, T (NPI); McBrien, K; Fabreau, G; Ronksley, PE; Af eck, E; Singer, A; Aubrey-Bassler, K; Natarajan, N; Wong, ST; Barber, D; Manca, D; Garies, S; Chafe, R; Nixon, L; Halas, G; Chan, K; Johnson, D; O’Beirne, M; Drummond, N; Katz, A.

Playing Telephone: Understanding the state of medication decision making in growing healthcare teams in the time of electronic health records

Grindrod, K (NPI); Burns, C; Chin, J; Kerestecioglu, D; Mercer, K; Waked, K; Abidi, S; Dogba, J; Guénette, L; Guirguis, L; Légaré, F; McKinnon A.

Discutons Santé: Implementing the Use of a Website to Help Chronic Disease Patients Prepare their Primary Care Encounters

Lussier, MT (NPI); Boivin, N; Richard, C; Boustani, E; Hudon, C; Levert, MJ; Thoer, C; Jbilou, J; Diallo, FB; Gemme, A.

Evaluating the implementation and impact of an online tool in primary care to improve access to financial benefits: a multi-site trial in Ontario and Manitoba

Pinto, A (NPI); Rucchetto, A; Singer, A; Halas, G; Bloch, G; Goel, R; Raza, D; Upshur, R; Bellaire, J; Katz, A

Improving end-of-life care in the community using the RESPECT on-line prognostication tool

Manuel, D (NPI); Hsu, A; Beach, S; Bennett, C; Spruin, S; Tanuseputro, P