A Comparative Analysis of Centralized Waiting Lists for Patients without a Primary Care Provider Implemented in Six Canadian Provinces

Breton, M (NPI); Green, M; Krindler, S; Sutherland, J; Jabilou, J; Wong, S; Crooks, V; Shaw, J; Brousselle, A; Contandriopoulos, D.


Many jurisdictions in Canada are working to reduce the number of patients who lack access to primary care. Centralized waiting lists to help unattached patients connect with family physicians or other primary care providers are one strategy that is being employed in several provinces


To compare models of centralized waiting lists for unattached patients implemented in six provinces of Canada.


1) Analysis of documents and interviews with key stakeholders (n=24) to build logic models that describe each province centralized waiting list for unattached patients;

2) Developing a conceptual framework based on 2 realist reviews: approach to the management of centralized waiting lists and the use of incentives to promote attachment;

3) Compare the logic models to the conceptual framework to make recommendations to improve centralized waiting lists in different provinces.

Stakeholder Engagement

Stakeholders of each provinces support the submission of the grant and are engaged throughout the project. Opportunities for feedback on themes and draft logic model. One day symposium to bring together researchers and partners to nalize logic models and discuss implications.

Potential Impact

As there is clear evidence unattached patients suffer negative health impacts from unmet needs and that they often high users of other more costly health services, identifying effective approaches to promote attachment has the potential to improve health systems.