Creation of a Comprehensive Health Profile of Children in New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island and Development of Intra-Provincial Population-Based Birth Cohorts

Tranchant, C (NPI); Montelpare,WJ; Bélanger, M; Blinco, K; Clair, S; Dalpé, L; Miedema, B; Bouchard, D; Senechal, M; Barre, DE; Jose, C; Hyndman, N; Rossiter, MD.

Previous research suggests that exposure to adverse environments early in life, including the prenatal period, is associated with later adult health outcomes such as obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and mental health conditions. In Canada, the Maritime provinces experience a higher prevalence of obesity and chronic diseases compared to other provinces. The present project aims to identify and evaluate selected administrative datasets from New Brunswick (NB) and Prince Edward Island (PEI) to create two intra-provincial health profiles of 18-month-old children and likewise to establish the foundation for a birth cohort database in each province using existing datasets. The outcomes from this innovative research will yield important insights into children’s health status and trajectory that can be used toward chronic disease prevention to reduce the needs for complex care later in life. The NB and PEI child health profiles and future birth cohort databases will allow stakeholders and knowledge users (KU) to monitor and report on child health over the long term, and to evaluate current practices and future health interventions to establish well-informed and effective primary prevention strategies. The research team consists of researchers from several universities in NB and PEI, including members of the SPOR Networks and the Maritime SPOR Support Unit in each province, as well as KU and collaborators from government agencies, community groups, and parents of infants or young children. KU, collaborators and families are instrumental in developing and contributing to research that is relevant to their day-to-day practices and programs. They also advise the team on the best possible knowledge translation strategies.